SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The store of the future is here!

The Ginger Market on San Jose State University’s campus has been transformed into an autonomous store powered by artificial intelligence.

It’s a retail experience that allows students and faculty to grab items without scanning anything or waiting in line to pay.

AI computers mounted throughout the store are able to identify and automatically record people’s purchases on an app called Boost.

The university worked with Chartwells Higher Education and Standard AI to create the market without stopping store operations.

“Checkout-free shopping is a groundbreaking innovation that will make our students’ daily lives a little easier,” said Raymond Luu, associate director of Commercial Services at SJSU.

“The future of shopping comes to life in San Jose, the center of technological innovation. It’s fitting that a Silicon Valley school gives its students the latest in retail convenience so they can quickly shop, tap, and get on their way!”