ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) — Skimming devices were found on ATMs in Alameda on Sunday, the Alameda Police Department (APD) announced on Tuesday.

A skimmer is a device placed on a credit/debit card reader that can collect the card’s number and PIN information. There have been several instances of skimmers being used in cities across the Bay Area.

The skimmers were found at the Bank of America located at South Shore Center (2218 Otis Drive). The skimmers were placed on the walk-up ATMs, and APD said an inspection of the drive-thru ATMs determined them to be safe.

The affected ATMs had been inspected on Nov. 18 (Friday) and were determined to be safe. Two days later, the skimmers, and a pinhole camera, were found, according to police.

Police are reviewing security footage to see who installed the skimmers. The community is also encouraged to check bank statements for fraudulent activity. Anyone who believes their account is compromised is urged to contact their bank and file a report HERE.

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APD said the following about how to avoid falling victim to a credit card skimmer:

“Skimmer devices can be hard to detect. The safest alternative is to arrange for transactions to be made in person. Never use an ATM that appears damaged or altered. Always cover the keypad with your hand when you enter your PIN. EDD cards typically do not have an EMV security chip, making it easier for the devices to obtain account information embedded on the magnetic strip. If using an EDD card, consider transferring EDD funds into an account with an EMV-chipped card.”