(KRON) — The Petaluma Police Department reported that several skimming devices have been found in the city recently.

One device was located by a community member at an ATM. The skimmer was slightly hanging off the ATM’s ledge, which is how the person noticed it.

PPD’s community service members inspected the device and found that it contained a small camera connected to a video card that captured both video and audio.

A second incident involved scammers placing a cover on top of a card reader at a retail store. Police said they used this to access stolen card information. View images of both skimming devices below.

Police released tips for the public to avoid being targeted by skimmers:

  • Inspect the ATM, gas pump, or card reader before using it. Compare it to the other nearby machines to see if it looks crooked, loose, or damaged.
  • Block the keypad with your hand to prevent potential hidden cameras from recording the number.
  • Use a mobile wallet as payment is more secure.
  • Sign up for bank alerts and check your accounts regularly.