OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Shattered glass strewn across the road, it’s become an increasingly unsettling sight for park goers seeking peace outside.

Police warn these rows of unattended cars have become prey for criminals looking to pounce.

“Usually I don’t see the damaged car but I do see piles of glass it’s been pretty much an everyday occurrence,” Jason Chinn said.

Chinn is talking about these shimmering mounds left from smash and grabs near Joaquin Miller Park.

A day with his family and dogs is be better spent not thinking about it.

But he’s found the spike in these crimes a little concerning.

“I haven’t been a victim yet so I guess it hasn’t hit home so I don’t really think about it too much but I am aware,” Chinn said.

Being aware is half the battle says the oakland police department.

They’ve alerted people about the recent rise in car burglaries as more people visit East Bay Parks.

Some of those visitors like Lorena and her friends say they haven’t fallen victim to thieves because they never leave valuables behind.

“They can check my if they want but I don’t have nothing in there,” she said.

Car break-in’s have been common across the bay area even before the influx of visitors to local parks.

Police say criminals don’t care about the shelter in place order and they’re increasing patrols to help prevent these crimes.

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