‘So unsettling’: Mother home with baby while burglars try to break in to Novato home

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NOVATO (KRON) — Frightening surveillance video shows fasting moving burglars attempting to get into a Novato home.

They’re seen sprinting up a set of stairs and jumping over walls, but what they didn’t know was someone was there.

“Pretty upsetting, scary. So unsettling, I mean this was the middle of the afternoon  broad daylight,” said resident Stacey Drakousis. 

Drakousis says she was sitting in her living room watching TV  when she heard some unusual noises on the roof.

Her husband had just left for the grocery store, so it was just the mother and her baby and the sounds weren’t really concerned just yet.

“Sometimes we get turkeys up on the roof so I didn’t think anything of it,” she said. 

But when the noises grew louder and a window caught her attention.

“And I just happened to look up at the window over head there and a masked face peering down at me,” the mother said. 

Drakousis says with her 4-month-old sleeping upstairs — her maternal instincts kicked into high gear.

“I just instinctively started shouted as loud as I could just started screaming my head off,” she said.

Drakousis says she was able to scare off the group who took off down Fairway Drive in black Mercedes.

But the burglars didn’t stop there.

Just a short time later they’re seen trying to break into a home in Marinwood.

They eventually smashed in the glass on the home’s front door to get inside, but it’s not believed they made off with anything.

Novato police are wanting people to take a good look at the pictures in hopes of identifying the suspects.

Darkousis recommends others take measures to protect their homes.

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