SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As the Russia-Ukraine situation continues to develop, here at home in the Bay Area is a show of support for the people of Ukraine.

A solidarity rally took place in San Francisco on Sunday amid the two nations’ rising tensions.

Hundreds of Ukraine supporters gathered in front of the Ferry Building in San Francisco Sunday.

Many are worried for Ukraine and for relatives and friends still there.

One Ukraine supporter at the rally says she was forced to leave Ukraine in 2014 because of the military conflict with Russia.

“We experienced the war. I heard the weapons, everything we experienced so I’m a real refugee and now our relatives are very scared of Russian aggression and invasion,” she said.

President Joe Biden says he is convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.

Amid the heightened tensions, local organizations held several rallies nationwide to help defend Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“If Russia will get a victory in Ukraine, she’s not going to stop. She will go forward to take other countries around Ukraine,” another Ukraine supporter said.

Organizers helped demonstrators write letters addressed to U.S. elected officials and the Biden administration asking to help support Ukraine.