Some customers still want to buy Tesla cars after one catches fire

Bay Area

Some consumers still want to buy a Tesla even following the most recent fires.

Those interested buyers tell KRON4 that they are of course concerned about safety but think the Tesla fire incidents over the years are a case by case basis.

Busy foot traffic at the Tesla store on Santana Row on Wednesday. This comes after a fiery incident the night before.

A Tesla Model S caught fire in Los Gatos, then hours later it caught fire again after it was towed to Campbell.

The cause is still under investigation but an anonymous source at Tesla tells KRON4 just by looking at the wreckage, either the cars battery pack got damaged or the tow truck may have damaged the car getting it onto the bed.

The battery pack takes up the bottom of the car, past fires occurred from people running over debris, puncturing the battery packs.

Tesla has since added more armor.

On Santana Row, excited electric car enthusiasts were window shopping.

A Tesla owner said he is, of course, concerned about safety, but says it’s all about taking care of your stuff, and for the most part, their car is their prized possession.

Tesla continues to investigate the incident that happened on Tuesday.



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