SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Retail stores across San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin counties were given the green light Monday to reopen for curbside pick up. While some took advantage, other’s did not. ​

The once very popular Fillmore Street in San Francisco only saw a handful of businesses testing out curbside pick up, but about 30 store fronts are still boarded up. 

Many merchants say they don’t want to take down their boards for fear they may have to put them back up if a resurgence in cases sends us backwards.

“We know we need to operate within the guidelines that have been set,” said Fillmore Merchants association Executive director Vas Kiniris. “At the end of the day a lot of merchants feel like if we can go to Wells Fargo and wait outside in a line and let in one by one, why can’t we operate our stores like this? Because we can regulate the number of people coming in our doorway.”

There are about 360 merchants in the Fillmore Merchants Association and because of the uncertainty regarding how much of an economic impact curbside pick up can offer — many decided to just keep going on the path they’re on.

Many merchants are boosting their online presence, and using social media as a selling tool.

“A lot of them are getting creative, using Zoom conferences to enhance the personal shopping experience. As we know in moments of crisis there’s amazing opportunities of innovation, and we know it’s not gonna go away overnight,” Kiniris said. 

Kiniris suggests you always check online or on social media if one of your stores doesn’t look open, they’re likely operating through online means.

Those with boards up have begun decorating their plywood with murals. 

Kiniris says eventually when this is all over they plan to preserve the murals and do some sort of exhibition.

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