SAN PABLO, Calif. (KRON) — Two people were arrested for an incident in which a man brought a gun to Rumrill Sports Park on Monday, the San Pablo Police Department said on Facebook. Police said a park security guard got into an argument and called her son, who arrived at the park armed.

SPPD determined that the incident began when the security guard and another group of people got into an argument about parking. The guard told the victims during the argument that she would have her son come to the park and shoot them.

The son did arrive at the park armed. Police said the security guard and her son chased the victims until one of them pepper sprayed the son.

When SPPD arrived, the son was attempting to escape in a black Corvette, police said. Officers tried to pull the car over but the man did not stop, leading to a pursuit.

The Corvette crashed into a pickup truck, hit a stop sign, and lost control, according to SPPD. The suspect attempted to run to a nearby apartment complex but surrendered after he saw a K-9 was deployed.

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Police located the gun, which the security guard had placed under the seat of the Corvette. Both she and her son were arrested.