San Francisco is on the list of the FBI’s highest child sex trafficking areas in the U.S. And the trend spans the Bay Area.

KRON4’s Vicki Liviakis talks with a young woman from Sonoma who was trafficked in the Bay Area when she was 12 years old and is now warning other children.

“Having lived in Sonoma County life has always been delightful simple and safe…”

That’s the image many of us have of Sonoma County. But for Maya, life there was anything but, and it began in the 6th grade.

A child from a good home, even so, she was lured into the world of sex trafficking.

Maya spent six years being trafficked in Sonoma, San Francisco and Marin.

She says it was a woman she calls Olivia who approached her about modeling.

And from there it lead to fear, intimidation and a dark path of sex with strangers.

Maya considers herself a trafficking survivor and is sharing her story with others.

She made this film short called “Playing The Game.”

Her friend Shynie also produced this documentary called “Strong Survival.”

Deputy Da Evanthia Pappas says she’s learned a lot from survivors like Maya in prosecuting sex crimes trafficking criminals.

Marin County District Attorney, Lori Frugoli, says to also be on the lookout for traffickers who recruit at malls, bus stops, even schools, looking for vulnerable girls and boys.

Maya’s message to other kids and their parents: it could happen to anyone – don’t let it happen to you.

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