SONOMA COUNTY (KRON) — Sonoma County officials are taking action after new video revealed a rather old problem in the Bay Area.


They can be seen, they can be heard throughout different parts of the Bay Area. But now, Sonoma County is taking the initiative to make a change.

Video shows rats squirming around the Joe Rodota Trail. County of Sonoma released a statement to Facebook regarding the incident.

The statement read, in part:

“This is a health and safety issue for everyone in the area, which is why we’re starting pest control on Monday. Instead of poison, pest control will include snap-traps and bait that eliminates female rats’ ability to breed (stopping population growth).”

Officials said they are developing shelter and housing solutions as soon as possible.

The County said it is providing additional services to improve the health and safety on the trail and in the neighborhood, including toilets, hand-washing stations, trash services and security.