(KRON) — A South Bay coffee shop said employees are feeling “shaken up” and “violated” after a break-in over the weekend. Nirvana Soul, located at 19700 Vallco Parkway in Cupertino, announced the burglary in a Facebook post on Sunday.

The break-in happened Saturday night, and other neighboring businesses were targeted as well, Nirvana Soul said. A glass panel next to the coffee shop’s front door was smashed in the burglary.

“We know through desperate eyes, it may look like some small businesses are doing well or better than others. But the truth is, everyone is struggling, including us — and these unexpected costs only compound the challenges we’re all already facing,” a Facebook post by Nirvana Soul read.

Nirvana Soul included surveillance photos of two suspects, which can be seen below.

This is the second time this year that Nirvana Soul has been broken into. The other time, the shop’s location at 315 S. First St. in San Jose was targeted.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a possible break-in. Anyone with information is asked to contact Cupertino police or the sheriff’s office.