SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Southwest Airlines announced it will be adding additional flights just in time for the summer, including more options for California travel.

Beginning June 5 — the major airline will offer San Diego travelers more California service with 20-weekday flights to both San Jose and Sacramento and 14-weekday flights to Oakland. There will also be new services for Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and the Caribbean.

“For a gamut of travelers seeking business opportunity, faraway fun, or family time, these new routes and additional flights put the Hospitality and value of Southwest Airlines in front of more of our customers,” said Andrew Watterson, Executive Vice President, and Chief Commercial Officer. “We recently extended our flight schedule to early November, and we’re making available new service sooner for planning early summertime journeys.”

The airline said in a press release Tuesday the announcement will continue to build on its 20-year commitment as the largest carrier for California travelers. Southwest is working to set up a summer flight schedule that offers more flights in key markets up and down the state, including these weekday schedules:

  • San Diego and Sacramento – up to 20 times each way;
  • San Diego and San Jose – up to 20 times each way;
  • San Diego and Oakland – up to 14 times each way.

In addition, a new nonstop service once a day between Sacramento and Santa Barbara.

More flights from San Jose

Throughout the summer, Southwest will increase service on the following routes:

  • San Jose  and Las Vegas – weekday service up to 13 times a day each way;
  • San Jose and Long Beach, Calif. – weekday service up to four times each way;
  • San Jose and Orange County/Santa Ana, Calif. – weekday service up to 10 times each way.

For the summer and fall, we’ve given San Jose Customers more flights on California short-haul business routes, and into Las Vegas,” said Adam Decaire, Vice President of Network Planning. “Based on currently published schedules, Southwest offers more service between Silicon Valley and the Northwest than any other carrier.”

Flights to the Northwest

Additional flights between the Pacific Northwest and the Peninsula/Silicon Valley will increase with the new Southwest service between San Jose and Eugene, Ore., once a day beginning June 5, and with additional flights on existing routes between:

  • San Jose and Boise – weekday service twice a day each way;
  •  San Jose and Spokane – weekday service up to twice a day each way;
  • San Jose and Portland, Ore. – weekday service six times a day each way;
  • San Jose and Seattle/Tacoma – weekday service six times a day each way.

To view Southwest’s new routes, additional flights, and the carrier’s flight schedule through Nov. 5, click here.