BURLINGAME, Calif. (KRON) — Speaking at an event in Burlingame to thank health care workers, Bay Area Rep. Jackie Speier said former President Donald Trump stole the documents allegedly at the center of the Mar-a-Lago raid this month and must be held accountable.

“I bristle at the word raid because this was lawful. It was signed off by a judge after months of failed negotiations with Donald trump to get the documents back,” said Congresswoman Speier. “This wasn’t something that was done willy-nilly. This is something that came after negotiations with Donald trump were not successful. He doesn’t own them. He stole them. At some point, you have to hold someone accountable when they continue to resist returning what doesn’t belong to them.”

The Burlingame event could be one of the last times Rep. Speier gets to personally thank health care workers as a congresswoman as she is retiring in three months. She said last year she won’t be seeking re-election. 

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On Monday, Speier was at Sutter Health in Burlingame to thank health care workers, as she did five months ago at another hospital on the peninsula. She was joined by Burlingame council members, police officers and firefighters

Speier also said she is working with the federal government to get more vaccines to not only her county of San Mateo but all of California to deal with monkeypox. She will leave office after the mid-term elections but she says she will have plenty of more chapters to write in her political office.