(KRON) — The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted twice this week when people spotted a person in an orange jumpsuit and suspected a prisoner had made an escape, officials confirmed to KRON4.

It sounds like a plot from a movie, but officials with the sheriff’s office told KRON that they suspect something a bit less fantastic. The sheriff’s office confirmed that there have been no escapes at the Santa Rita Jail.

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“We believe that someone left our facility with jail-issued clothing upon release and has been wearing them in the San Francisco area,” the sheriff’s office said.

The sheriff’s office said that it is not normal for people to leave jail with their issued clothing in tow. “However, people occasionally steal from the jail.”

The San Francisco Police Department also received a call from someone who spotted a person in what looked like a prison jumpsuit. SFPD responded to the scene, but officers couldn’t find anyone.