ST. HELENA, Calif. (KRON) – One California squirrel summarized how all of us felt during the heat wave that ravaged California over the past few days. A picture (above) taken in Napa County shows a squirrel lying down on a wooden railing, exhausted from the heat.

Annette Watts was visiting St. Helena with her family over the Labor Day weekend when she came across a small squirrel who seemed to be experiencing side effects of the heat. The squirrel was found laying down on a plank of wood, slumped down in the shade underneath a tree.

Watts and her family stayed at La Bonita Motel and saw the squirrel from outside of their balcony playing with another squirrel. As they observed, they noticed one of the squirrels started to slow down, eventually laying itself down in the shade with its arms hanging over the wood.

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Watts tells KRON4 that as her family enjoyed their lunch and spent some time by the motel’s pool, the squirrel continued to lay down and rest in the shade. Later in the afternoon, they returned to the spot where the squirrel laid and found the small animal was not there anymore. Watts hopes the squirrel regained some of its strength and continued with its day.