‘Stand Up for a Safe Oakland’: Police Chief leads rally to end gun violence

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong walked side-by-side with community leaders and families mourning victims of gun violence in Oakland on Saturday.

“We have a crisis in the city of Oakland.”

Chief Armstrong says the police department cannot stop the city’s crime wave on its own, calling on the people who live here to “Stand Up for a Safe Oakland.”

“There are more guns than I’ve seen in my 23 year career on the streets right now. whether we’re talking about automatic weapons, handguns, but then also the influx of ghost guns. these are firearms that we can’t even track.”

So far this year, 71 homicides have been reported in the city of Oakland, and Chief Armstrong calls those unacceptable losses.

“Dar too many people are afraid to come outside. Our seniors can’t walk to the store. We got young people dying at an alarming rate.”

Guillermo Cespedes joined Chief Armstrong at the march and rally.

He is the chief of the city’s department of violence prevention.

And, recently witnessed the attempted armed robbery of a news crew outside city hall while he was being interviewed.

“Chief Armstrong and I drive in different lanes. We signal when we’re going to change lanes. But we’re getting off at the same exit.”

nats <names being read>

     the names of this year’s victims of deadly violence read out loud.

     teachers say gun violence has been devestating for students.

jaja malik/teacher- “whether it be hearing gunshots at night, or being related or knowing people who have gotten shot and killed.”

The march ended where eight people were shot and two killed – on Juneteenth.

If the homicide rate continues on its current pace, 135 killings are projected by the end of the year.

There were 85 homicides last year.

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