STANFORD, Calif. (KRON) — Stanford University is making some changes to its mental health services.

The announcement comes just a week after soccer star Katie Meyer died by suicide.

With the changes, the university is addressing more than Meyer’s death.

At Stanford University, third-year law student Chelsey Davidson used the school’s mental health services previously and says they need more staff.

“It’s very very hard to get on a waitlist, the waitlist are long, and it can take a few months to see someone and it’s a temporary service,” Davidson said.

Stanford University says over the last two years, they’ve increased their clinical staff by 20 percent to reduce wait times.

However, over the past year, the university has had four student deaths.

Stanford says they’ve seen a sharp inceaase in demand for mental health counseling.

Now, the university announced on social media they will begin recruitment for additional permanent clinical counselors and therapist.

“Hiring more mental health counselors is the absolute minimum the school can be doing because clearly there is a mental health crisis,” Davidson said.

“They are trying to do their best now in response to everything that has happened,” said Liz Maelane who is a graduate student from South Africa.

Maelane says the school will need to do address pressure.

“A lot of pressure for undergrads being in an environment like this,” she said.

Not only is being in school hard for students, the school says in quote “tragedies, against the backdrop of the pandemic and the outbreak of war in Ukraine, can feel especially overwhelming and unbearable.”