(KRON) – Dozens of workers from Stanford and Packard hospitals rallied this morning for better contracts.

They say they’ve been taking care of COVID-19 patients for the last two years, and now they’re looking for care for themselves.

They say the last two years has been exhausting and grueling and they’ve experienced burnout amid a shortage of health workers, so now they’re demanding solutions.

They’re asking for more time to rest and recover, competitive wages and benefits and to receive proper training. 

Leah McFadden, a clinical nurse, says she wants to keep working as a nurse for a long time. 

She says that cant happen if they’re overworked — something management is listening to.

Stanford healthcare officials released a statement to KRON4 saying, in part, “In our contract talks we have offered proposals that increase our investment and preserve their place among the highest-compensated and best-supported nursing teams in Amerca.

The goal for these nurses is to reach an agreement with management before their contracts expire March 31.