(KRON) — A search is underway for a Stanford professor who went missing in Washington’s Olympic National Park, the National Park Service said Friday. Hunter Fraser has not been heard from since Tuesday and was reported missing on Wednesday.

The NPS said Schafer left his vehicle at the Deer Ridge Trailhead on Monday. He intended to hike 40 miles and spend two nights in the park.

Fraser’s family has not heard from him since Tuesday morning when they received a text. He was supposed to be in Seattle by Wednesday, per NPS.

Fraser is 44 years old and stands 6-foot-3. He has a tall, trim build; short, dark brown hair; scruffy facial hair and small scars on his head and chin. He was using a turquoise tent.

The park dispatched several search teams to look for Fraser. Anyone who was in the area of Slab Camp, Deer Park, Gray Wolf Trail, Cameron Creek Trail, or Grand Valley between June 5 and June 8 is asked to call NPS at 888-653-0009. 

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Fraser is a biology professor at Stanford University. He was arrested in July 2022 and arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence.

The Stanford Daily reported that court documents state Fraser threw his girlfriend on the ground and slammed a door into her while he was playing a game with the victim and his daughter. He was supposed to have a court date on Friday.