PALO ALTO, Calif. (KRON) — According to an anonymous poll conducted by The Stanford Daily among Stanford students, many have admitted to using ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence program that can help write essays, on their final exams.

ChatGPT is a free writing tool that can generate human-like text based on a prompt, as well as images and video based on a large database of online materials.

The Stanford Daily reported that administrators are aware of ChatGTP’s use on campus and are investigating whether the school’s honor code needs to be revised. The paper also reported that several Stanford teachers have already changed their courses in anticipation of students using ChatGTP to finish assignments.

ChatGPT originally launched by San Francisco-based artificial intelligence company OpenAI in November 2022 and has left students and educators around the country grappling with whether this new form of machine learning is helpful or harmful.

Some say it could benefit students with lower reading abilities or whose first language is something other than English, according to Forbes. Others are worried about potential plagiarism and the accuracy of some of the generated content, Forbes reported.

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The vastly popular AI program has already been banned in several school districts around the U.S. including Los Angeles, the New York Public School System, and school districts in Alabama and Virginia, according to Forbes.

But, this technology is not going away. Monday, Microsoft announced a “multiyear, multibillion dollar investment” into OpenAI, co-founded by Stanford alumni Elon Musk.

OpenAI’s other products include the image-generator DALL-E, the computer programming assistant Codex and the speech recognition tool Whisper.