(KRON) — You may want to bring your reusable Starbucks cup the next time you get coffee.

Starting Tuesday, 12 Starbucks locations in Napa and Petaluma will prepare drinks in either a personal cup or a reusable “Borrow A Cup,” a company spokesperson said in an email. The coffee chain said it is expanding its “100% reusables model” by testing this program out.

The program will be tested out in Petaluma and Napa from Aug. 14 until Oct. 22. Last year, Starbucks announced it plans to further reduce single-use cups by 2025. Starbucks says it wants to cut landfill waste in half by 2030.

What if you forget to bring your reusable cup?

The Starbucks barista will give you your beverage in a reusable borrowed cup for both hot and cold drinks. The company says when you are done with the drink, you scan and return it to a participating store’s return bin. It is professionally washed and meant to be used again.

Starbucks posted a sneak peek of how the “Borrow A Cup” program works.

Customers who bring their own personal cup will receive 10 cents off. Starbucks Rewards members will receive 25 bonus stars.

Participating Napa Locations

  • 663 Trancas St.
  • 1006 First St.
  • 1200 Lincoln Ave.
  • 1340 Trancas St.
  • 247 Soscol Ave.
  • 2007 Redwood Road

Participating Petaluma Locations

  • 701 Sonoma Mountain Pkwy
  • 205 N. McDowell
  • 5306 C. Old Redwood Highway
  • 440 East Washington St.
  • 125 Petaluma Blvd.
  • 3100 Lakeville Hwy

The coffee chain tested this program for three months in Colorado, and it was deemed “successful.” Drive-thru customers across 192 Colorado locations can now have their drinks served in a personal cup.

Starbucks has also implemented this initiative in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Seattle where the company’s headquarters is located.

“Starbucks is shifting away from single-use plastics, championing the use of recycled content, and promoting reusability, driven by a broader shift towards a circular economy,” the company wrote. “The biggest thing to learn from these tests as we prepare to bring this model to more stores, is how to offer customers a way to shift away from single use cups toward a reusable to-go-coffee experience, in a way that is convenient, easy, and enjoyable.”