SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Several reports of falling glass from San Francisco high-rise buildings have been confirmed due to Tuesday’s powerful storm.

The San Francisco Police Department confirmed reports of a window falling from Millenium Tower at 301 Mission Tuesday during the storm. SFPD originally reported damaged windows at the Salesforce Tower at 415 Mission, but said the building has since been assessed without finding any evidence of damage relate to the storm.

No injuries were reported and SFPD officials said they are working with building management regarding the damage.

Falling glass was also reported from a San Francisco high-rise located at 50 California. The glass pieces fell on the Sacramento Street side of the building. A structural engineer confirmed to KRON4 that the glass that broke was spandrel glass — glass that goes from the actual window down to the floor.

Windows breaking in high-rises is very unusual, according to the structural engineer, and having a spandrel glass break is even more unusual.