EL SOBRANTE, Calif. (KRON) – A winter of stormy weather has left several roads in Contra Costa County in a state of disrepair. Dips and erosion have taken a toll on San Pablo Dam Road.

Old infrastructure coupled with the frequency and intensity of three months of storms created a major dip on the road. Contra Costa County Public Works let the area dry out a little bit before making temporary repairs to the thoroughfare Tuesday.

“I think they need to dig it all down and see what’s going on down there – why there’s a water, you know, why there’s a sudden dip like that,” one driver told KRON4.

Public works say underground pipes are failing, and the dip has been worsened by the large trucks that pass through daily. Over time, the dip grew to 30 feet long by 50 feet wide.

The asphalt poured over the dip should get drivers through the next few rounds of storms, but eventually, permanent repairs such as replacing the bad pipes will be required.

But drivers who ignore the “slow down” signs while passing through have incurred costly damage to their cars. A few miles down the road, erosion prompted public works to shut down one lane of San Pablo Dam Road at La Honda Road.

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The pavement splintered and caused splits on the side of the roadway. Wildcat Canyon Road also remains closed due to erosion and slide repairs, but there is no timeline for when this area will be fixed.