SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The storms and atmospheric river last week was the first major rainfall the Bay Area has seen in months, and came after a bad drought season.

It didn’t get the region out of the red, but it did take parts of the Bay Area from the worst, exceptional drought category; down one level to the extreme drought category, according to the latest drought monitor report.

These storms brought above-normal precipitation to the West Coast, the drought monitor said. But despite some record rainfall, “the rain was not enough to replenish significantly low reservoirs,” according to the report. “From October 21 to 26, reservoirs rose very little.”

Still, the storms were hefty. “This is about 1/3 of all of the precipitation that was generated all of last year,” East Bay Municipal District spokesperson Tracie Morales told KRON4.

A 48-hour rain total report by the National Weather Service said rainfall in Alameda County ranged from 0.25 inches to up to nine inches of rain.

Contra Costa County got up to 10 inches.

In San Francisco, parts of the county saw nearly eight inches of rain.

Mount Tamalpais in Marin County got a whopping 16.55 inches of rain, while totals in the rest of the county were more frequently in the 2-8 inches range.

Napa County’s highest was 9.78 inches.

San Mateo County saw just over eight inches of rain maximum, while Santa Clara County saw just over seven inches of rain in its heaviest area.