BERKELEY (KRON) – A UC Berkeley student has been charged for making the felony criminal threats that led to the university being told to shelter-in-place for hours April 21.

UC Berkeley police told KRON4 that Lamar Bursey, 39, of Hayward, was charged by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office on two counts of making felony criminal threats. He is currently in jail.

According to a statement by Public Information Officer Sabrina Reich, “last Thursday (4/21/22) at approximately 7:30am, UCPD learned that an individual affiliated with the university had issued serious and credible threats of violence towards other, specific individuals who work at the university. As a result, a decision was made to take necessary precautions as officers prepared to search and secure the campus. At approximately 2:00pm, the individual was located by UCPD officers at an off-campus location.”

Police did not respond to KRON4 inquiries about the incident for five days, and have not answered where Bursey was found.

The shelter-in-place canceled in-person classes and closed down campus services such as libraries and dining halls for most of April 21. People were advised to go inside and move away from doors and windows, and educational institutions near UC Berkeley went into a soft lockdown.