(KRON) — A group of teenagers barged into a San Ramon high school math class and attacked one student on Monday. The math class attack happened at California High School, also known as “Cal High.”

The violent teenagers were not Cal High students, however, they breached the campus with help of students who are current Cal High students, school officials said.

San Ramon Valley Unified School District spokesperson Tammy Herley wrote, “A group of high school-age individuals trespassed onto campus, entered a classroom, and physically confronted one of our students. We are extremely dismayed that some of our own students allegedly helped the perpetrators enter the Cal High campus.”

A math teacher who attempted to intervene was pushed to the ground, according to cellphone video recorded during the melee. The three violent teenagers eventually ran off the campus.

San Ramon Police Department and Dublin Police Department officers identified three suspects who will face criminal charges. The suspects’ names were not publicly released because they are minors.

“Without question, no one is allowed on campus without going through the proper protocols. Our campus safety measures rely on staff, students, and parents following the protocols to maintain the safety of our schools. This breach of policy is unacceptable and has our full attention,” Herley wrote.

Cal High students were rattled by the math class attack, school officials said. Counselors are available at Cal High for all students who need support.

Anyone with information that can assist the SRPD’s investigation is urged to call police at 925-973-2779.

“We want to assure our community that we are also investigating. We are exploring all disciplinary options for the students involved in this incident,” Herley wrote.