SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Heading into the end of 2022, Californians looking to move out of The Golden State have their eyes on The Keystone State.

A new study found that Californians are searching for more affordable places to live in a state that’s far from the usual magnets where California refugees have flocked to in the past. Magnets like Arizona, Texas, and Oregon did not even make it into the top-three.

By analyzing Google search data, cross country moving experts with examined which states Californians want to move to. 

They focused on Google search terms such as “move to,” “living in,” “relocate to,” “houses in,” “Zillow,” “apartments in,” to find which states were the most desired moving destinations.

A spokesperson said, “Often when looking to move to another area, most people’s first course of action is to consult Google for information on houses available, local schools, job opportunities and leisure activities in the area.”

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California’s most desired states to move to were:

  1. Pennsylvania — The average house price in this area is $267,549 which is 67.24% lower than in California, where the average is $816,804, according to
  2. Maryland — The average house price in Maryland is $415,797, which is nearly half the cost of a house in California.
  3. New Jersey — The average house price in this state is $480,275.