Sunday expected to be one of busiest travel days airports have ever seen

Bay Area

Holiday travel kicks back into high gear on Sunday as thousands of people return home following Thanksgiving.

If you thought that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was bad, well things are about to get worse for travelers Sunday.

This is because it’s expected to be the worst travel days that airports across the country have seen ever.

A lot of people drove to their destinations this holiday, but according to TSA about 25-million people traveled by air so Sunday is projected to break into the top 10 busiest days ever for air travel.

Nearly 3 million people are expected to be flying back home across the country.

In order to prepare for the masses, TSA is ramping up their staff by about 1,200.

SFO is one of the busiest airports in the country, and it’s part of some of the busiest flight routes across the country.

Travel in and out of SFO will likely be worse than encountered thus far.

Unlike Wednesday no rain is expected, however, travelers flying in and out of the Midwest may encounter some issues with Winter Storm Bruce.

Unfortunately delays SFO sometimes have a domino effect so be sure to check your flight status before leaving the house today to see if there are any delays or cancellations.



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