SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A San Francisco supervisor introduced a resolution to the board of supervisors Tuesday calling on Starbucks to not interfere with, threaten or intimidate unionization efforts.

The office of District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston, who represents the Tenderloin, Western Addition and Height-Ashbury neighborhoods on the board, accused Starbucks of enacting “an aggressive anti-organizing campaign, including firing union leaders and organizing committees, and closing shops in retaliation for organizing.” The office stated Preston hopes the resolution “will help curtail that for San Francisco’s workers by showing Board support for their fights.”

“San Francisco is a union town, and we are thrilled to support our local workers as they join the national movement for worker solidarity,” Preston stated.

The press release stated that the first Starbucks store in San Francisco to file for union recognition did so in June, just after two Starbucks locations in Santa Cruz voted to unionize. Nationwide over 300 Starbucks shops have filed for union elections.

Joe Thompson, a lead organizer with Starbucks Workers United, which is associated with the Service Employees International Union, stated that Starbucks is acting hypocritically.

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“Look, you have this company that speaks the language of justice, but their CEOs are making money hand over fist during a time of economic stagnation and rising inflation, all because underpaid and underappreciated Starbucks partners [workers] show up every day in an incredibly expensive city to make the drinks and turn over the profit,” Thompson stated. “Where’s the justice in that?”

KRON4 reached out to Starbucks for its response and received the following statement from a spokesperson:

Any claims of anti-union activity are patently false. We have fully honored the process laid out by the NLRB and encouraged our partners to exercise their right to vote in these elections to have their voice heard.

Additionally, these allegations of retaliation are false. A partner’s interest in union representation does not exempt them from the standards we have always held. We will continue to enforce our policies consistently, fairly, and transparently – this has nothing to do with the store voting to unionize.

Preston’s office also has not responded to an inquiry about how Starbucks is leading an anti-organizing campaign.