OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is open to helping Los Angeles with the supply chain problems by taking in some of the shipments at the Port of Oakland.

The port “has unused capacity right now,” the mayor said in a Wednesday interview with KRON4.

The ports in Los Angeles as well as Long Beach make up 40% of all shipping containers entering the United States, The Associated Press reports. The ports have been jammed with dozens of ships waiting to unload products.

In efforts to relieve the delays, the Biden Administration last week made the port of Los Angeles a non-stop operation, with unloading efforts going 24-7.

Schaaf said Oakland can “take some of those ships off your hands, L.A.”

In addition, she pointed to statewide action that Governor Gavin Newsom took on Wednesday to ease supply chain issues. “Record demand for imported goods combined with capacity issues across the entire supply chain have slowed distribution at ports on the California coast,” the news release said.

Newsom’s executive order directs state agencies to find both short and long-term solutions to the congestion at California ports.