(KRON) — After several deadly shootings were reported in Oakland over the weekend, a 15-month-old baby was shot in Oakland on Monday night.

A family driving through Oakland was caught in the crossfire of a shooting on International Boulevard on Monday. Though their baby was crying after the shooting, the family did not initially know that she had been injured. After they returned home, the baby’s father discovered she had been shot in the stomach.

She was rushed to a fire station nearby and later taken to a children’s hospital for surgery. Police say she is now in stable condition.

Surveillance video obtained by KRON4 from a private surveillance camera across the street from the fire station shows the moments that the family arrived after realizing she’d been shot. The horn can be heard blaring as the family’s red sedan pulls up to the garage door in front of the fire station, several people get out of the car.

It’s difficult to discern what the voices in the video are saying, but it’s clear they are screaming for help. Another driver pulls up next to the station and honks their horn, while onlookers nearby watch and ask what happened. Seconds later the door to the station opens.

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The shooting was the seventh in a string of gun violence over a three-day span in the city of Oakland. On Saturday night, a mother and her 13-year-old daughter both died after a shooting that their family claimed was a domestic violence incident. Two other homicide investigations are also in progress after separate shootings in the Oakland over the weekend.

The Oakland Police Department shared updates on their investigations at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. Hours before the conference began, a person was shot in the chest during a robbery in Oakland.

Now, the Oakland Mayor’s Office is addressing its efforts to combat gun violence in the city.

On Wednesday, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao released a statement about the recent gun violence that has plagued the city

“Gun violence is an epidemic that plagues this country every single day, and Oakland is not immune to this tragic reality. It is a reality that robs communities of our children, our mothers and fathers, our partners, and our neighbors—and we know that those who are most impacted are people in low-income communities and communities of color.

As a mother I grieve every loss of life, and cannot imagine getting a call that my child will never come home. And as Mayor, I am committed to working with community partners and across agencies to ensure we are doing everything we can so that no parent gets that call. This work will require a sustained, multi-pronged approach.” — Mayor Sheng Thao

Thao’s office went on to describe how the City of Oakland is combatting gun violence. The steps list an audit to support the efforts of law enforcement to prevent gang and group-related violence, efforts to reduce school-based violence and a goal for increased cooperation between public safety agencies.