Surveillance camera catches thieves stealing bikes outside Oakland bar

Bay Area

OAKLAND (KRON) — An Oakland business owner is looking for thieves caught on camera, cutting locks and stealing bicycles outside the Mad Oak Bar.

He says bike thefts have become a problem in the area on 12th Street, especially during the early morning hours.

This time though, it happened in broad daylight on Thursday.

The thieves were caught on camera, grinding locks and stealing bikes outside the bar on 12th Street.

Mad Oak Owner Benjamin Cukierman says the suspects came back several times.

“There’s video of two gentlemen in two different cars parking,” Cukierman said. “They were there for about a half hour. One parks. The other one parks right behind him and they walk back and forth and make sure that’s the one they want.”

One of the suspects, seen in a van, comes back.

This time with a safety vest and a grinder.

“One gentleman over the time of about 15 minutes gets a grinder out and slowly grinds most of the lock off and then they leave,” the bar owner said. “About a half hour later, they come back. One of the guys gets dropped off, finished cutting the lock and then gets on the bike and rides off and his friend rides off after he takes the bike.”

As the suspect continues to grind down the lock, several people walk by and do double takes.

Cukierman says bike thefts are a growing problem in the area and hopes the surveillance images will help catch the thieves.

“We’ve had several bikes stolen from in front. This is the first one done during the day time where we have the actual faces and license plate numbers and car on video,” he said.

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