A New Report on housing in Concord finds soaring rents, inhumane conditions, and unjust evictions are driving families out of Concord.

KRON4’s Lydia Pantazes in in Concord this morning.

She says about 1,000 people in the city took a survey, revealing some shocking statistics.

Here are some of the report’s key findings:

  • 75% of Concord residents surveyed fear of eviction
  • No Concord neighborhood is affordable for households with incomes of $50,000
  • Nearly half of renter households report unsafe living conditions such as mold or pests
  • Many face retaliation from landlords for reporting these conditions

The report also makes recommendations that include “just cause” for evictions, right to counsel for tenants facing eviction, rent control, and stricter code enforcement to reduce hazardous living conditions.

It’s suggested by the survey that children, seniors, people of color, and immigrants have been hardest hit by this housing crisis.

Several housing rights advocates will be meeting about the issue at 9:30 a.m. at the Concord Senior Center.