Survivor recalls dramatic rescue from cliff at Las Trampas Wilderness

Bay Area

An afternoon hike turned into a dramatic rescue for an East Bay woman. 

In late April, Noni Turner and her son Frank went for a hike in the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness area. 

While in a creek bed in a steep ravine, Turner somehow lost her balance and fell backward. 

She landed on her back and head and suffered serious injuries. 

“I remember yelling,’Frankie,’ and I was down and out and I couldn’t get up,” Turner recalled. 

Frank was able to call 911. 

“It was a scary moment,” he said. “At first, I tried to encourage her to move. I didn’t know how severe her injuries were.”

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office said its helicopter, Starr 3, arrived within minutes.

Turner was in an area not accessible to rescue vehicles, in steep, wet, and muddy terrain. 

Video captured the struggle to get to the small space through tall trees. 

Almost a month later, Turner still has back pains and is still recovering from her injuries. 

“I’m very grateful to the rescue team,” she said. “Everybody that assisted me with this accident.”

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