SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (BCN) – An Oakland man was arrested earlier this week for the death of an armored security guard outside Kaiser Permanente’s San Leandro Medical Center, police said Thursday.

Akbar Bey, 27, was arrested at his home and charged by the Alameda County District Attorney with murder. Bey allegedly shot 61-year-old Vallejo resident John Mendez execution-style on Sept. 7. Mendez died a day later, according to police.

Officers were sent at 11:42 a.m. Sept. 7, to the medical center, at 2500 Merced St., regarding a shooting, according to court documents. When officers arrived, they learned that a person had been taken to an emergency room with a bullet wound to his head, court documents said.

Officers located a pool of blood and a single .45 caliber bullet casing at the discharge door to the San Leandro Medical Center’s emergency department.

Almost immediately, investigators reviewed surveillance video footage, according to court documents. With the video footage, they observed the shooting, also observing the shooter allegedly steal Mendez’s courier bag with money inside.

The alleged shooter drove away in a black 2005 Honda Civic, exiting he medical center’s parking lot toward Garfield Drive, court documents said.

That day, investigators contacted the Honda vehicle’s registered owner, but the person had sold the vehicle to someone else. The current owner of the Honda allegedly was at the hospital earlier in the day and called Bey shortly before the shooting, court records said.

Investigators allege Bey’s cell phone was also at the scene of the shooting, according to court records.

Detectives observed Bey outside his home Sept. 20, observing him in the driver’s seat of a gold 2004 Porsche, which was registered to him, according to court documents. Bey’s size, shape and gait matched the suspect in the shooting, police allege in court records.

Court records also state Bey and the Honda owner previously worked for GardaWorld and allegedly were fired for stealing from the company.

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Officers asked GardaWorld managers to look at a photograph of Bey and to inform them if he was a prior employee. The managers allegedly confirmed. The managers were surprised Bey had a cell phone and car because while employed at GardaWorld he had neither, according to court records.

The managers said Bey received a ride to work from his girlfriend who took calls for him.

Court records identified Bey and Mendez as partners with GardaWorld, once working the same route Mendez took the day of the shooting.

Police allege Bey confessed to robbing and killing Mendez and that evidence located inside Bey’s home linked him to the slaying.

Mendez worked for GardaWorld for nearly 40 years, police said.