SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — Two suspects were arrested and charged for a Tuesday night stabbing in Santa Rosa.

24-year-old suspect Joseph Malicay is charged with attempted murder, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department.

Police said the suspect was fleeing the residential area of Poggie Court around 9 p.m. as they arrived on scene for the report of a stabbing. The victim, who was found with multiple stab wounds, was with several family members at the home. Their injuries were non-life-threatening, according to the police department.

Police said Malicay and a second suspect, Jafet Morales-Comacho, were stopped by an officer near Codding Town Mall that same night. Police said they confirmed that Malicay and 22-year-old Morales-Comacho were involved in the Poggie Court stabbing and detained them without incident.

According to the police investigation, Malicay and the victim allegedly got into an argument that became physically violent. Malicay is accused of pulling out a knife and stabbing the victim, who remains unidentified. Police said the victim started running when Malicay allegedly chased after him “in an apparent attempt to continue stabbing the victim.”

Morales-Comacho is accused of driving Malicay away from the scene and is charged with aiding and abetting. Police said they found the knife allegedly used in the stabbing and it has been booked into evidence.

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