SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A suspect fired a shot as San Francisco Police Department officers were trying to arrest him on Monday, according to an SFPD press release. Spencer Hansen-Mukomela was arrested, and San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins filed 17 felony charges against him.

SFPD officers were investigating Hansen-Mukomela in the 100 block of Brookdale Avenue when the incident occurred. Police said officers located Hansen-Mukomela and identified themselves before he fled and pulled out a gun.

According to the arresting officers, the suspect swung his arm towards them, an officer grabbed him, and a shot was fired. He was then tackled, disarmed and arrested. Officers found he had multiple illegally-possessed firearms on him, including two ghost guns.

“In the past two weeks, there have been two disturbing and unacceptable incidents of armed suspects resisting arrest with shots fired at or in the immediate vicinity of SFPD officers,” SFPD Chief Bill Scott said. “In both incidents the involved officers exhibited valor, courage, and a reverence for the sanctity of human life in the way they responded to these life-threatening situations.” 

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The other incident Scott is referring to happened on Jan. 17 when officers responded to a catalytic converter theft. They chased the suspects on foot, and one suspect fired multiple rounds at them, according to SFPD. One suspect was arrested and two got away.

Hansen-Mukomela’s 17 felony charges are connected to four “shooting-related” incidents, according to SFPD. For Monday’s incident, his charges include assault on a peace officer with a firearm, personal and intentional discharge of a firearm and taking a vehicle without consent.