(KRON) — The man who allegedly killed the mother of his child at a Toyota service center on Sept. 21 was identified as Lamar Walker, 24, of Vacaville by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) on Thursday. Walker is believed to have shot Alonna Gallon, 24, of Richmond before he was killed by police.

ACSO was tight-lipped in its initial press conference the day of the shooting, but in a press release on Thursday, it revealed more information about the day’s events.

The Sheriff’s Office said the Albany Police Department and Berkeley Police Department responded to the service center at 1025 Eastshore Highway just before 11:15 a.m. for the report of an active shooter. Dispatchers were told a man with a gun entered the business and started shooting.

Officers with the Berkeley Police Department entered the building and went to look for victims and the suspect. They saw Walker crouched near a desk in a “large open area of the office.” ACSO said Walker was pointing a silver revolver at the entryway that the officers came in through, and five officers fired at him.

Per the sheriff’s office, Walker “may have attempted suicide before the arrival of law enforcement,” but he did not do so successfully and was killed by police gunfire. Gallon was found dead as well with a gunshot to the head.

Walker and Gallon leave behind a 7-year-old son named King. Gallon was remembered by her family as a caring, kind, and shy person “who had a lot of love to give and more life to live.”

“Alonna was tragically killed at her place of employment by her child’s father after making a conscience decision to distance herself from him due to his reckless behaviors. Alonna tried to the best of her individual abilities to create a healthy co-parenting relationship with King’s father but it unfortunately didn’t stop him from brutally taking her life,” Gallon’s mother, Yuvonda Gallon wrote on a GoFundMe.