Suspect wanted three months after gas station shooting in Vallejo

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VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) — Reliving the shooting through the surveillance video his cameras captured, Iqbal Sahota said the shooter’s complete disregard for public safety is sickening.

“Very bad. The little kids outside, people pumping gas and they were really scared and some of them not even pump the gas and left,” Sahota said.

Sahota owns Bonfare Market on Redwood Parkway in Vallejo.

Nearly three months ago — the day before Thanksgiving — a gun battle broke out near the gas pumps in his parking lot.

Police have identified 20-year-old Vallejo native Alfonzo Blake as one of the shooters.

“The guy just leaves the cross street, they just shoot him, man,” Sahota said. “And the guy shoot back again, and they shoot my glass, glass broken and a lot of problems.”

The gunfire was reported around 5 p.m. in the early evening that day.

Police highlight what they’re calling the victim’s car parked 20 yards away from the surveillance camera.

Then later as that car leaves, another pulls in with Blake appearing to walk out of the front passenger seat, run toward the street and open fire on his target — with other cars passing by and families in the area.

Sahota said at least one person in the targeted car fired back.

He said the shooting has hurt his business, as have other crimes in the neighborhood that are not solved quickly.

“Vallejo’s getting bad every single day, even if you dial 911, police never came,” Sahota said. “Two hours later, three hours later, and then they already left.”

Fortunately, not one injury was reported as a result of the shootout.

One of 192 shootings reported in the city last year.

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