SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A home explosion that rocked the Sunset District and killed one woman has left the community with more questions than answers. A private town hall to address the impacts of the explosion is now on the books.

Darron Price, 53, of San Francisco was arrested after the explosion on Thursday on suspicion of manslaughter when a woman’s remains were recovered from the home. He also faces two counts of child endangerment, and has been booked into San Francisco County Jail.

Price is also facing charges for manufacturing drugs, after investigators sifting through rubble found evidence of a possible narcotics manufacturing facility inside of the home.

Price’s brother, Sean Price, spoke to KRON4 about his brother’s arrest. He says Darron has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing weed products, and he would not have risked doing it at home.

“I can tell you straight out that he is a very cautious person that would never bring business into his own home let alone endanger the lives of people he loved…I know that there is more to the story,” Sean told KRON4.

On Saturday, many community members came down to 22nd Avenue to see the leveled home. They tell KRON4 they still can’t believe this happened, and they won’t forget where they were when they heard the explosion.

Steve Lemmer says he was working from home. “And there was a massive blast which I clearly heard which shook the whole house. I live about 2 blocks away.”

City Councilmember Joel Engardio says when he saw the destruction he knew it was more than a gas leak. “If you’re going to have a drug manufacturing lab in your house and you’re going to blow up the house and cause death mayhem in your neighborhood–you need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

Neighbors say they are still processing the news that someone was manufacturing drugs so close by. Engardio says he plans to support the people of this neighborhood by hosting a private townhall for people who live on this block this coming Wednesday.

Price will be arraigned sometime this week.