DALY CITY, Calif. (KRON) — A Daly City neighborhood woke up Tuesday dealing with a water main break, a sinkhole and flooding. Video from the scene shows the moment an SUV drops into the sinkhole. 

The sinkhole is on the corner of Abbott Avenue and Castle Street. The entire sidewalk also caved in. This happened after a water main break was reported after midnight…which one crew member said could have been caused by the weather. 

The streets became flooded, and mud is covering the roads. Residents in the impacted area were contacted by police and asked to move their cars.

One man parked behind the sinkhole thankfully got his car out. Crews are trying to repair the water main break. 

The SUV swallowed up by the sinkhole was eventually towed out.

Repairs to the road will be ongoing, all while we have another storm brewing which could make this situation worse. The cause of the sinkhole has yet to be determined.

“Not sure it’s a water main break,” said Joshua Cosgrove, the acting director for the Daly City Department of Water. “That have to excavate and inspect it. It could be that, but it could also be drainage. So much water saturated the ground from the storm. Crews are still looking into what caused this sinkhole.”

With concerns about flooding and threats to infrastructure, Cosgrove said the goal is to have the sinkhole fixed before the next storm arrives on Wednesday.