ANTIOCH, Calif. (KRON) – Jordan Orosco, a math teacher at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, wrote a rap about math to help his students learn in a fun, alternative way.

Orosco said he is not a rapper outside the classroom, and he only created his rap as educational entertainment for his students.

“I make a lot of math jokes with my kids all the time. I often joked, ‘I could make a rap song too you know.’ One day over Spring Break … I found this beat on YouTube,” he said.

“They loved it!” Orosco told KRON4.

After his students heard their teacher’s math rap, the students decided it needed a music video for YouTube. Deer Valley High School has a Dear Valley TV program. One student in the TV program filmed the teacher rapping and dancing all over campus to make the music video. Some of Orosco’s math students even jumped in as backup dancers.

“I had a duffle bag full of clothes to change into different outfits,” Orosco said.

Students lucky enough to be in Orosco’s math classes this fall will have even more math raps to look forward to. Orosco said he’s working on new raps during the summer break.

Math is an important skill to learn because it helps with problem solving, Orosco said. “We always have to problem solve in life, hopefully that’s what they can take away from my class,” he said.

Watch Orosco’s full math rap music video below!