ROHNERT PARK (KRON) – Six thousand students in the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District will go another day without their teacher in class.

Three hundred teachers will be back on the picket line as they start the second week of their strike.

They are looking for a pay raise, saying many of them have a second job or they can’t afford to live in the community they teach.

They claim they make less than the average salaries of teachers in other districts.

The school district says it can’t afford to give the teachers what they are looking for.

The two sides did negotiate two days ago and could be back at it again soon.

Schools are open to the students but there are no structured instructions as the teachers are not there. Kids are being brought into an auditorium and watched by the administrators.

“I’m still holding out hope,” Lisa Bauman, the teacher’s union vice president told KRON4. “We have shown, using their own numbers, that first of all they’re not going to go broke even if they didn’t make any changes and, second of all, we’ve given them a list of possible suggestions and solutions. … We hope to be back at the bargaining table today.”