RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — A group of teens are accused of stealing an employee tip jar at a local boba shop in Richmond and then taking off with the money. It happened at Toco Tea on Sunday.

“Just very discouraging to see what happened and they’re very young too and I hate to see it,” Steve, the shop owner said.

Co-owner of Toco Tea, Steve – who didn’t want to use his last name for privacy reasons, says the same group was also planning to steal from the nail salon next door. Surveillance video shows the teens looking into the salon moments before they ran off with money from his shop.

“There were two groups,” he said. “One group was standing in front of the nail salon. That was four kids in front of the nail salon and another group of four kids inside of Toco Tea just hanging out in there and they definitely related because we saw the two groups take off together.”

Steve says he filed a police report but has decided not to press charges mainly because the kids are so young, however, he says he still wants the teens to learn that it’s not okay to steal from others. He says he’s disappointed especially since Toco Tea has become a community space for young students who live nearby.

“Safe place for everybody to come and hang out, for the kids to study,” the shop owner said. “Toco Tea at this location is surrounded by schools, many schools from elementary to high school and yesterday was something very unfortunate and discouraging for me.”

Steve says this is the second incident that’s happened at the business within only seven months of being open and now he’s pleading to the community to do better.

“I do want our community to be better. We have to come together to make it a safe place, a better place for us but not just for us, for the future of our children because I do have family here.”

Just about five months ago, Steve says there was an unrelated drive by shooting that happened near their shop that injured someone and caused damage to their business.

He says they’re still recovering from those costs.