SANTA ROSA (KRON) — Santa Rosa police are searching for teen suspects who broke into a home, threw a large party and then trashed the place, causing thousands of dollars in damages and repairs.

The whole thing was caught on home surveillance video and Snapchat videos.

Video shows people going in and out of the house throughout the night and later the aftermath of what happened inside that Fountaingrove home.

The owner of the home was in the process of rebuilding her home from the 2017 Tubbs Fire. 

Homeowner Rosemary Yates says she’s lived here for more than 20 years.

This is where she raised her family.

She says she chose to rebuild and that this was the only place she considered home.

She says she left her home Friday night and not even a couple hours later two teens broke in and the party started.

“They were jumping on this table,” Yates said. “You saw them do that in the video. They then took one of these chairs and they threw it down the staircase and you can see the damage.”

Yates is now dealing with thousands of dollars in damage.

“I was here with my fiancé we left the property at 5:24. At 5:28 that camera that you just saw picked up the two girls coming up the back steps,” she said.

Yates says they got in through a window, propped open the gate and people started showing up.

The woman’s son saw the party happening on social media and recorded it from a public snapchat page.

“It just went nuts. They threw chairs, destroyed walls, floors, there’s holes in walls and then just the massive human biology. The vomit, the pee, the alcohol, the pot, all of that stuff was just sprayed all over,” Yates said.

Yates says she’s devastated from the mess.

Now she wants justice before it happens to another family

“Devastating,” she said.  “But it made me so mad that I wanted to you know help find bring these people to justice and what I have found just in the last few days since this occurred is my house is only one of many houses where this is happening to and that these teens, they post a map, they target your property and they vandalize it.”

The Santa Rosa police confirm they’re investigating this case and it’s not the first time that this has happened either.

Yates says she’s handed over all of those videos to the police and hopes they caught the suspects before they destroy someone else’s home.