(KRON) — Two teenagers were cited and released Wednesday after allegedly threatening people with a realistic looking replica handgun, according to the Mountain View Police Department. Mountain View PD dispatch got a call just before 9 p.m. from a 29-year-old Davis resident who said he and his friend were approached by three teens.

Two of the teens, according to police, attacked and threatened the men with a handgun. The suspects then walked toward a nearby Safeway.

Mountain View PD officers arrived on the scene and got detailed descriptions of the three suspects. One suspect was described as a teenage male wearing a white shirt and gray pants. The other suspect was described as a teenage male with a black backpack on his chest. The backpack allegedly contained the handgun.

While a Mountain View PD officer was still gathering information, the three suspects — the two males and a teenage girl who was also with them — walked out of Safeway. Police detained them without incident.

Officers recovered the black backpack which contained a BB gun that police say, resembled a real handgun. The two teenage boys were cited and released to their parents.

One was cited for making criminal threats and brandishing an imitation firearm. The other was cited for suspicion of battery and theft, after allegedly stealing items from Safeway.

The teenage girl was not suspected of a crime and was released at the scene. No further information was released by police, due to all three suspects being minors.