Surveillance video caught a 70-year-old kidnapping victim being escorted to safety by Oakland police on Lorenzo Avenue Monday morning. 

The video shows the tail end of a police pursuit that started on the 600 block of Oak Street and stopped right outside the home of Andrew Norris. 

“I saw the old lady, them walking her back to their car, and later on I saw them walking him with handcuffs on to their car,” said Norris. 

Oakland police say the damage on the kidnapping suspect’s vehicle was caused when the suspect was trying to get away.

“And then also an assault on an officer when the suspect took his vehicle and intentionally rammed our patrol vehicle,” said Johnna Watson with the Oakland Police Department. 

Oakland police spokesperson Johnna Watson says this all started when police received a call about a disturbance at a home on Oak Street.

“What we do know is this stems from a landlord-tenant dispute. The tenant approached the landlord. There was some kind of disagreement or dispute. The suspect assaulted one of the landlord’s family members, striking him with a blunt object and kidnapped the landlord. The suspect put her in his vehicle. She is threatened to be killed multiple times. I am sure this is very upsetting for her,” said Watson.

After a pursuit that started on surface streets then on to the freeway ending on Lorenzo Street, investigators say the suspect described as an adult male in his 30’s pulled over and surrendered without incident. 

However, the incident has rattled the nerves of Norris. 

“This is right after we had a kidnapping yesterday,” said Norris.

What does he make of all of this?

“Guess the world is just going crazy,” Norris said. 

The dispute between the landlord and tenant is under investigation. 

For now, the tenant remains behind bars and the 70-year-old landlord has been reunited with her family.