SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Early Tuesday morning, someone passing by the Black Cat jazz club in San Francisco’s Tenderloin smashed the glass front door with a skateboard.

Over the span of a couple hours, burglars came in and started stealing whatever they could get their hands on. “Food, alcohol, our wine fridge was ransacked which had our like high-end champagne and so that was you know, thousands of dollars there. And they ended up stealing a bunch of our music equipment, guitars, congas, microphones,” said Adam Chapman, Director of Operations at Black Cat.

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The mayhem stopped shortly after 2:00 a.m. when police arrived. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to reach those who run the Black Cat, police said they left the scene after the fire department constructed “temporary measures to secure the business.”

The Black Cat said those measures were flimsy at best. “Literally they put up three pieces of tape to hold a curtain and that was it,” said Chapman.

With nothing more than a curtain and some tape, Chapman said burglars returned to the jazz club, pushed through the curtain and for the next five hours ransacked the place again.

“It was a free-for-all and cars were driving by and seeing like that this was happening and would stop in the middle of the road, put their flashers on and then go into our business and take stuff. They’re making piles outside; they’re filling the cars. Mind you, you can see the police station from here,” added Chapman.

Those who run the Black Cat blame police for not doing more to secure their business.

“We just want our [the] police that are block away to be able to fight for us like we fight for the district. You know, two minutes worth of extra work they would have been able to find out, get a number for us or just done something. Put up wood. They could have just taped the whole corner of our business off. Even taping it better would have been a better solution than what happened.” said Chapman.

Police tell KRON4 officers at the scene acted within policy.