SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — More than 1,700 people experiencing homelessness are still in hotel rooms after the city of San Francisco moved them inside during shelter-in-place.

There are a number of things making this difficult.

“How does one shelter in place if they don’t have shelter?”

That’s the reason why the city moved some people experiencing homelessness off the streets, and into hotels.

Now that San Francisco is in the orange tier, it’s time for the next step.

“It didn’t create any new problems, it just exposed the ones that had always been there.”

The city has rehoused 181 people since shelter in place ended. 

That leaves 1,730 people that still need permanent housing, executive director of the housing action coalition Todd David says there isn’t enough affordable housing for low income and no income people.

“We make it less expensive. San Francisco is the most expensive city in the world to build housing.”

Despite the pandemic–a rental listing service Zumper still lists San Francisco as the most expensive city in the country for renters.

David says this needs to change.  

“The way that we aren’t having this conversation 5 years, 10 years down the road is to make sure we are building these multifamily, supportive housing throughout San Francisco.”

And it’s not all about cost–he says these people also need support service programs.

“You’re never going to solve homelessness with just housing, you needs the wrap around services that go with it.”

The city’s goal is to have all of these people re-housed by October of this year.

That means they’d have to place about 250 people in housing every month to meet that deadline.